Mobile Dialer or faxiload Reseller available


Sydney Call Anower: Sydney Call Reseller Rate
Bd Cli Igw 8801-0.0207
Bd Cli Igw 008801-0.0207
Bd Non Cli 01-0.0156
Bd NonCli 228801-0.0156
India Cli 0.0097
Sydney Call Reseller Demo Link
User+passwd = usddemo
Reseller L1,L2,L3,L4 available And Flexiload Bkash DBBL Reseller available Pls contact 009607572971
[ Sydney Call Calling Card Calling Card 10$ =800Bdt
Bd nocli-01=653 mint
Bd Cli igw-8801=487 mint
IndiaCli -0091= 1052mint
Mobile 009607572971

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